What Would Brian Sabean Do?

Dwell Fantasy Draft Day

Dwell Fantasy Draft Day

That is what I asked myself during my fantasy baseball league draft day.

What would Brian Sabean do?

I removed my creative hat and stepped into some new shoes and a fitted baseball cap. And asked myself that exact question. You see, it is my dream to work in baseball…writing…designing or even ironing jerseys. I don’t really care so long as it is for an MLB team. SF Giants, preferred. So, I got to live out my fantasy…even if it is just for one day! Why not play the role of GM and give it my all and base my selections on the outstanding job Brian Sabean has done and will continue to do…insert haters here but let me remind you…two World Series Championships in 3 years! That’s right. Two!

So what is key? Pitching.

Yup, pitching. I generated documents listing all positions and filled in names tied to each position. Some were just 5 players deep and others had 30 names. Shortstop, second base and third were mighty slim pickins’. I had to generate a plan. What was priority in my 9th and 11th pick? I wouldn’t see draft choices for a bit of time after that. Strategy had to be in place.

Now, keep in mind…this was my first fantasy draft. I popped my fantasy baseball cherry. Yup. I stepped into territory that was unknown for this girly girl.

Living in a fantasy world.

Yet, I know my players. I know players outside of the SF Giants. I can chat about baseball for hours.

I can redesign uniforms every time I see them in my head. I am addicted to baseball. But it is more than a fantasy. Baseball has become my family. Read my first post that I ever wrote here. The article is titled, Embracing My Inner Annie, and not for the aspects of being a cleat chaser…thank you very much!

So, I was thrilled for the opportunity to draft, stomach in knots, sweaty palms, lists spread on the table, and all while I watched my list of names get checked off and limit my options.

It was amazing. One of the most fun-filled baseball moments that I’ve had…and I have had many!

I was playing a business position for an MLB team, well, at least in my own private fantasy world. But I wanted to do my world proud.

So, pick number 9…top pick still on board? Joey Votto, check. Mine. Pick number 11? Strategy came into play…take the best pitcher at that moment, right? Right. Verlander, check. When my time came around again, Harper was still available. Harper, check. Now I had to be even more strategic. My outfielder list was long, my SS, second baseman and third baseman list was getting short. Phillips, check. Rollins, check. And on and on again I went. Pitchers. Lincecum, check. Rodney, check. Kimbrel, check. Pitching and pitching and pitching.

Shit. I need a third baseman. Only one left on my list. Dammit. Catcher needed and a good one, Mauer, check.

Outfield, eep. List options narrowing.

Palms sweating.

Stomach turning. Did I fail in my Sabean tactics? Did I fail in my temporary GM role? I dunno.

Herein lies my list. You can judge, I don’t mind:

C – Joe Mauer

1B – Joey Votto

2B – Brandon Phillips

SS – Jimmy Rollins

3B – Mike Moustakas

OF – Bryce Harper

OF – Josh Willingham

OF – Josh Reddick

OF – Ryan Ludwick

Util – Marco Scutaro

Util – Todd Frazier

BN – Justin Morneau

BN – Michael Cuddyer

BN – Jeff Keppinger

BN – David Murphy

BN – Norichika Aoki

P – Justin Verlander

P – Craig Kimbrel

P – Tim Lincecum

P – Fernando Rodney

P – Homer Bailey

P – Rafael Soriano

P – Barry Zito

P – mark Buehrle

And that is my team. I dropped some guys. And I picked up some waivers. I am digging my team so far.

We are doing the standard 5×5 for pitching and hitting.

Now, I may not have big bats but I have a few. And I’ve got saves nailed. And a few quality starts. Maybe some steals. But, I hope that this is a team that maybe Sabean would do…I hope that he would be proud. Go ahead…give your trash talk now. I don’t mind. I like my guys. I like my team.

The season ain’t over until it is over. We’ll see how my team is standing then. I’ve got some bench guys to pull in when needed.

I’ve got a little pitching.

And so you know, this is my fantasy. And I can direct it and write it how I want.

All I know, is that I love a man in a uniform and these dudes all fit my fantasy bill.


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Baked Zito

The post below was originally posted March 3, 2011. I didn’t realize that I was a year off—that Zito’s year was going to be 2012. I am really pleased for Zito. He didn’t let what happened in 2010 take control. Instead, in 2012, he learned how to really pitch. It was interesting last night on MLB that it was said that Zito was the “epitome of pitching”. No surprise to me. He learned how to craft what he has to out guess the hitter. He learned how to make pitching a game—like a chess match. It was impressive. And how humble is he? What a game. What a Pitcher he is…whether you non-believers like it or not. Barry Zito just pitched the World Series Opener and out pitched Justin Verlander. Because as the game went on…he became Just-in the dugout. Nice job, Zito, nice job!

Photo by Leah King

The Recipe

A very non-traditional recipe composed of some very difficult to find ingredients that not all can afford to prepare at a cost of 126 million dollars. One of the highest in history for any pitcher. Yet, if these ingredients are prepared correctly the SF Giants could have enough Baked Zito to feed a frenzy of forty thousand starving fans. These fans crave great pitching. Alas, the Zito can be a recipe for disaster if people rush to fry this dish too soon.


1 head of good hair
1 nasty curveball
1 dash of charm
1 pair of knee socks
1 Cy Young Award
3 All-star appearances
1 fastball
1 changeup
1 Two-seam fastball (cutter or cut fastball)
1 slider


One of the greatest second half pitchers with a 110-6 with 4 runs of support
Fastball between 85-89 mph
Curveball goes from 12 to 6
11 Years on the mound
Start of 2010 6-1 2.15 ERA
End of 2010 1-8 6.80 ERA
2010 4.15 ERA

Prep Time

Some people do not want to give much time to prep the Baked Zito. Others find that
the results of Spring (Seasoning) Training could be enough time to marinate and cultivate
the savory aspects of the Zito. And it could be worth the wait. Instead of filing this
recipe away with Grandma’s classics…it should be considered seriously as one of the other four food groups in the Pitching Pyramid. You know, the Lincecum and Get It, Sugar Cain, Hot Salsa Sanchez, and Blazing Bumgarner Sliders.

Cooking Instructions

To heat up this dish for the 2011 season, much care and patience needs
be given. These ingredients can generate a fantastic fifth starter to any
consumption at The Yard. Some people leave out the prep time during the 2010
season when he was the only pitcher serving it up.

Comment –

I tried this recipe and I was ready to toss it but decided that all good things are worth the wait. Give the Baked Zito a chance to soak overnight to remove the bitter aftertaste of the 2010 season.

I’ll wait to do my taste testing until the 2011 season begins. Let there be a Baked Zito cook-off. Until then, let’s wait and judge the Zito before we decided to make toast instead.

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One is the Loneliest Number


And a two.

And a three.

One to win to stay in it.

Two to win to tie it.

Three to win it.

That is a lot for any team to do in the other teams house.

And the way the Giants played in their own ballpark, I am not sure if they will be able to do it.

What happened to the offense? The pitching…meh. It was what I expected but knew the offensive team would keep them in it.

They did not. Where’d they go? They seemed disengaged and I could not figure out why.

Alas, Baggs made a solid point in that maybe September was too easy for them. Not only the offense but for the pitching as well.

They can win game three but it will have to be the managerial game of Bochy’s season. There is going to have to be a do or die attitude. A true balls out game. He will have to be crafty and sneaky.

And honestly, based on his pitching this season, I am not sure Vogelsong can handle the intense pressure of this game.

This is an amazing 2012 but I am shocked they froze.

Not only do they have a long road to travel to Ohio…they have a grueling road to DC. As long as the wheels don’t come off tomorrow…

One right now is their loneliest number on the road called the postseason.

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Got Melk?

The SF Giants are making a decision today that is pretty significant.

Do they cleanup split Melky or recycle the carton to be placed on the shelf for another team to purchase next year?

Mota came back.

Fans still love Bonds.


There is a rub. It went to a new low with the payment and creation of a fake site.

Even worse, he let his team down.

And management is making this decision.


This is situation where every single player who will make the post season roster should say yes…I am okay with him coming back.

If any player says…no…then management should say no.

Had anyone seen the chemistry in the clubhouse?

Don’t taint it, management.

These guys did it without Melky.

I hope that if they bring him back…that we aren’t all left cryin’ over spilt Melk.


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Yankee Doodle | Do-Dah LA

The Yankee’s are the elite east coast team built with lotsa east coast money.

They’ve got a great lineup developed with green. Not the green of the farm systems…the green found in their payroll ledgers.

And they spend a lot on top notch players…a few yes, that they have developed but they can keep them with money.

Money they get on the NYC advertising marketing circuit and a long-standing baseball brand. Who doesn’t recognize the infamous NY logo upon first glance?

Let’s go bicoastal now and head on over to another blue coast. LA.

Everyone in baseball is fascinated with the recent and epic trade between Boston + LA.

Big money, honey.

I think LA is striving to become the west coast premium team. And they are obviously willing to buy it.

I am skeptical.

The payroll they now have is astronomical. They are in a playoff run and have this new allstar roster. Alas, the stadium isn’t filled, is it?

I see what they have on the field now…but what do they have in their farm system?

Is the grass going to end up greener on the field or the farm?

I think this is bigger than the WS or bigger than blocking trades to the Giants. It is about advertising greenery.

Will this odd strategy work?

Time will tell.

I have a feeling they will be laughing all the way to the bank.


I may be silently laughing with the astronomical money they have spent on the players that will most likely fizzle out in under 3-years.

For now I’ll sit back and let time pass on this new LA team and watch the Giants whilst singing do-dah beat LA!

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Do Cry Over Spilt Melk!

In this situation no one will fault you for crying over spilt melk.

No one.

To say this is a disappointment, is an understatement.

Our beloved Melky has let us down. He has let his team down. And he has let the Giants…down.

A few weeks ago, searching for stats on Melky in the twitter world…I came across a tweet that said something along the lines that Melky would be suspended for 50 games.

I panicked.

Started hitting reload on my Twitter feed. I was waiting for this news to unravel like the seams of a fastball off of the bat of Roger Maris.

But it didn’t.

People that I mentioned to thought I was crazy. It was just a rumor by an angry east coast fan still bitter about the all-star game selections.

Then someone asked a reputable reporter. Still nothing.

Then it went away.

I have had it in the back of my mind now and then. So when the news came today…it was not a complete shock.

Then I sat here and really thought about it. A lot.

And I was shocked.

If he so easily admitted to this…when he was asked about it weeks ago, he knew he was guilty.

There was still a trade deadline. There was a chance at that time, had he stepped forward for the Giants to get another player.

He was MVP of the All-Star game. He got a brand new car.

He was beloved by all of us Giants fans.

His team loved him.

In his testosterone laced form, he was a huge part of the Giants line-up. Huge.

So much so, I don’t know what they can do now in advancing to the playoffs.

I know it doesn’t come down to just one guy. But I have a bad feeling that in this case, it just might.

Blanco needs to step up.

This is heartbreaking and frustrating to many, I am sure.

There are some pretty powerful articles circulating right now. Like this one where he is called basically…a fraud. And this good one by Baggs.

This is not good. It is actually as bad as pouring curdled milk into your only cup of coffee. Except you can dump it and walk to the nearest Starbucks.

Yet, in this instance…this spoiled Melk is walking out of the clubhouse.

This is a very sad day.

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Dodger That

D is for Dodger

And they swept up the yard with all the signage of BeatLA strewed about the streets of San Francisco.

That was a rough series.

Three runs.

Yes, three runs…the entire series.

The beloved boys looked lifeless.


This series was huge. They needed to play to the extreme.

Can’t really figure out what the heck happened.

But it happened nonetheless and it was beyond torture.

They had hits. They had men on base. They stole bases. The pitching was good enough.

But they fizzled.

As the trade deadline comes to an end will there be a dramatic play? A dark horse? A dud? A so-called trade that is not a trade but the trade is out there but there is no trade…trade? Confused yet?

Perhaps the DFA of Burriss got to them? Perhaps the impending deadline has a few of them nervous? The what if I go or what if they bring someone in to fill my role everyday? I know they are pros and it is not supposed to get to them? But you never know.

And yes, they will win some and they will lose some but…an entire series against your biggest competition? It has gotta be better than that. They play them nine more times.


And if they continue to play against them like they did…it could be the buzz kill for the playoff run. Zip. Zap. Zero.

So let us hope there is an outfielder like Victorino, Pence or Choo. And let us hope there is a closer like Perez or my dark horse desire…Axford. I think the guys in the pen need to be in their roles that they do best and a closer would help.

Roger that?

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